I Will Always Love You

Whitney Houston   -   Concert in Central Park ...

Whitney Houston - Concert in Central Park / Good Morning America 2009 (Photo credit: asterix611)

Yesterday, I heard a tragic news. The world lost a musical icon whose music inspired the world in so many ways. On the eve of the Grammys, where all the famous and talented artists in Hollywood celebrate a night of recognition and glitter, an artist was battling for her life. According to CNN news, Whitney Houston died at 03:55 A.M. of Feb. 11, 2011 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. She was only 48.

The first time I heard about her was in 1992, I was in college when the movie “The Bodyguard” with her and Kevin Costner hit the theaters and captured the hearts of people all over the globe. Her song “I Will Always Love You” moved so many. During that year, we heard a voice of a soulful angel.

Regardless of how she died or how she struggled with drugs after marrying Bobby Brown, I would like to remember her as a woman whose talent and voice made us believe that our love ones will always love us no matter what. Her songs and her legacy will always be celebrated and remembered.

To her family in this moment of grief and loss, my thoughts and prayers. The world cries and prays with you. Wherever she is now, she is smiling at us knowing how much she was loved by her family, friends and the fans she inspired throughout this years.

To Whitney, we will always love you. Your songs will always bring hope and passion in our hearts.


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42 Responses to I Will Always Love You

  1. Stepping My Way to Bliss says:

    So, so sad…very nice, gracious words–as always.


  2. Sabina Brave says:

    11 Feb. 2012. (delete it after reading)

    I heard about her beforre body guard. I remember her from Lionel Richie’s video to his song “Hello”, Then she started career as singer. But “I will always love you” made me loving her voice.


  3. lorijss says:

    R.I.P Whitney.


  4. I will always remember Whitney Houston’s incredibly beautiful voice in *I Will Always Love You.* Rest in peace, dear lady.


  5. This is a wonderful tribute to such a great voice. She will be missed.


  6. jhirzel88 says:

    I never knew Whitney had played a role in any movies. I remember the song “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”, which I heard a few seconds of it being played in the news. I still can’t believe she is gone, but that’s the truth. It’s a shame. I know she must have gotten drug overdose most likely.

    She had one song in 2010 which even got some airplay on some hit-music stations. The song is called “Million-Dollar Bill”. She was still singing, almost til’ her end.


  7. likeitiz says:

    What a tragedy! What a shame!


  8. wolke205 says:

    Wonderful post for an amazing singer. She had a wonderful voice, I loved her music. There s just one thing I want to add..It s the same with every “VIP”. One Million cry cause a VIP passed away…but no one cries for a million children who passed away cause they had no food…no water.. That s a sad thing for me…



  9. Tis’ always sad when talent dies


  10. eof737 says:

    I’m still in shock and tears over this hugely tragic loss… Like you, she was part of my college years music scene… Man, I’m going to miss her… So, so sad. 😦


  11. Fergiemoto says:

    Shocking and so sad. What a great talent she was.


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  13. sonsothunder says:

    What wonderful memorial words for one of the best voices to ever grace planet earth. That’s my opinion anyway. But,as I am obviously much older than you, my recollection of her goes back before the movie, to when she was a back up singer on a song she later recorded and popularized during the movie you mentioned. The song was “I’m Every Woman” but was sang originally by Chaka Khan, of the band “Rufus”…The song was written by Ashford and Simpson. Whitney of course made it shine for the world. Also, “I Will Always Love You” was written by Dolly Parton, when her popularity and fame outgrew her young sidekick role on the “Porter Wagoner Show”,..(not sure if there was a romantic attachment) but, she wrote it for him, as he was apparently a little reluctant to let her leave the show, as he had discovered her, yadi yada..etc..
    Yes, Whitney will certainly be greatly missed.
    Bless You


    • Thank you. I just read your last post it is Haunting, moving, touching …just heading straight to the heart. These made me reflect deeply, “I shook hands with my maker…

      And I surrendered to Him my will…

      I’ll be a brand new man when I step off

      His Potter’s Wheel.”
      Sometimes when life is unkind when we were still alive, there’s a better, infinite place that awaits where happiness will never end. In a way, I know Whitney Houston is finally happy. We will miss her….no singer can compare to her voice…not anyone in the Grammy’s that I just watched.


      • “he reminds me of my dad (wink) at age 40.” I almost drop a tear when I read this. Like your dad, home will always be where we felt the love and affection of our parents and siblings, home is where you first realized how beautiful the world is. Home is where you had the fondest memories that gives you strength when life tests you. No comforts of America or any rich country can feel that void. I share the passion of your dad and why he is so happy revisiting the home he used to know. God bless you my friend. It’s an honor and a joy to come to know you through your wonderful blog….My regards to your family, specially your dad.Thank you for your generosity.


  14. mysterycoach says:

    I thought you might enjoy this song 🙂


    • mysterycoach says:

      Oh my goodness, this is not what I copied… I’m sorry. I mean this one… my copy feature must have kept this one above from earlier. I mean this one… (sorry about that)


  15. Kate Kresse says:

    lovely post. she had such a wonderful and powerful voice and such a huge talent. thanks for your lovely and heartfelt post.


  16. Anita Mac says:

    It is so sad….hard to imagine.


  17. gelaikuting says:

    this is sooo sad 😦


  18. Sony Fugaban says:

    Bro, I still don’t know why I can’t send comment. This is just a test whether or not it will be sent. What’s happening to wordpress?


  19. viviene says:

    I’m just plain speechless. =(

    She’ll always be remembered.


  20. jeanne says:

    It is always tragic when a person dies at a young age…she may be gone but she will not be forgotten.


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  22. Arindam says:

    Bro someone mention about this wonderful lady, in her comment on one of my post. To be honest I did not have much idea about her. But When I checked about her, and her song I realized, what a talented person she was. She will always be remembered for sure.


  23. judithhb says:

    This is a loss for us all. I will always love you remains one of my very favourite songs.


  24. Sunshine says:

    A great tribute Island Traveler. Thanks


  25. Amen … your words are so on target. She is a great talent that will be soooo missed.
    What a tragedy …!!!!
    God Bless and R.I.P.


  26. Sony Fugaban says:

    Bro, please give me your email address … I’ll explain as soon as I can. Been trying to reach you.


  27. it’s so sad 😦
    my moma is a fan of her (and she cried) aand so am i.


  28. fgassette says:

    I don’t have the words to express how I feel, we are loosing so many gifted people. I hope we treasure, pray for and hold close those we have left.



  29. pix & kardz says:

    thanks for this touching tribute.
    she touched many with her gift – and she will be missed.


  30. Barb says:

    You do a tender and gracious tribute. Thank you for helping us remember.


    • Your welcome. I was in sophomore nursing when her song “I will Always Love You” hit the airwaves and straight to our hearts. It gave me a similar inspiration when I saw and heard Celine Dion’s “Titanic” music main video, “My Heart Will Go On.” She will be missed. Thanks.


  31. Pat Cegan says:

    Beautiful tribute. Thank you for sharing this. Also, thanks for your visit to Source of Inspiration,. hugs, pat


  32. 2e0mca says:

    The loss of anyone who stirs millions with their music is a sad event and you have provided a dignified response.

    Sadly, I read these celebrity deaths a little differently – yes I mourn the loss of these talented people but, as a illustration, I recall the passing of Marc. A Greek Cypriot living in North London and working as a Telephone Engineer, his death at 50 was as shocking to those of us who knew him as any of the celebrity deaths that gain immediate international fame. Always there for others, he was a pillar of the local trades union. There was nothing he would not do to help someone. I miss people like that far more than I will ever miss the likes of Whitney Houston no matter how much I love her music.

    Sorry, someone has to put a realistic and sour note on procedings 😦


    • I agree with you. Everyday so many unsung heroes die. Who for most part of their lives devoted themselves to giving and making a difference in the lives of others, like Marc. Today and everday, my thoughts and prayers to these unsung heroes. Thank you.


  33. leroycarter says:

    “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston will probably be one of the greatest love songs ever sung. Don’t you just love this song? I surely do, and I join the millions of people who express their grief over the death of the great singer and diva, Whitney Houston. She surely blessed all of us with her powerful voice and her uncontested style. She has been “often imitated” but “never duplicated”.

    Even though I love this great song, there are many other songs by the great diva and actress that truly touch my heart. Notable among these is the song entitled “All At Once”. This song puts you right into the recording studio with the artist. Once you listen to “All At Once”, your appreciation for Ms. Houston will supercharge. To hear this great song and to see more of the works of this great artist, I would like to invite you to visit the following address: http://www.leroysmarketing.com.


    • “All At Once'” was my favorite in high school. Words that touches the heart and a voice that soothes the soul. Whitney will always be remembered in our heart and thoughts. Wherever she is, I hope she is finally happy and at peace…she deserve to find that joy which she shared to a lot of us. Thanks for sharing.


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