Ocean Water

Ocean Water Magic

There is a place where happy dreams turns into reality and magic pours like rain. That place is called, “Ocean.” From long hours of deep thoughts and meditation to bursts of laughter, the ocean gave me a place of escape and refuge from all the stress and turmoil of life. For one day or two, I get to regain that part of me that got lost in this world.

Travel Theme: Ocean And Sunday Post: Water

Ocean and water. Water and Ocean. Two elements so connected that they are almost one and the same. Thus this week, I decided to fuse and blend two of the photo challenges that inspire me every week.

What The Ocean Brings To Us

The ocean brings to us so many things. It can bring us solitude when our heart is in constant struggle. It gives us back our smile when loneliness, heart breaks, even darkness clouded our days.

The most beautiful smiles comes from friends and family who make our heart swell with happiness every minute of everyday.

It brings us excitement and the opportunity to explore and pursue life’s amazing adventures.

It gives us the chance to appreciate the beauty of nature and all God’s creation. To be still and just be breathless as we realized how wonderful the world is when we seek what is good and beautiful around us.

It brings us inspiration and the ability to believe that we can be whoever we want to be. To make a difference in this world and leave a legacy of goodness. Goodness that leads to peace, love, joy and hope.

Boracay’s ocean water can hold you breathless. It can wash away the troubles of your heart.

It gives us the gift to just relax, toss our worries away, lay on the sand as we enjoy the warm golden Sun, perhaps drift in a soothing dream or just watch the colorful sailboats glide gracefully on the crystal clear blue waters.

At Galveston State Park on a perfect Summer day.

It brings back the child in us. That child who once happily embraced everyday’s new adventure. That child who dreamed without a doubt. That child who believed that magic exist. That child who believed that one day, the sand castles he built will turn into a real kingdom where his princess awaits.

Water Fun At Palm Beach

Last weekend, we spent several hours enjoying the different water activities at the Palm Beach of Moody Gardens in Galveston Island.

I heard my son’s excited voice, “Dad, dad, hurry up. I want to ride that thing where it goes around and around the river.” I replied with a smile as he pulled my hand, “You mean the river tubing?” He answered back hurriedly, “Yes, that thing!”

Well, that “Thing” we rode brought us a lot of fun and laughter. My son wanted to ride the top of the tube but kept on falling. Finally, he was able to balance himself and with confidence told me, “Okay dad, you can let go of the tube. I can now do this by myself.”

“Here goes, here goes. Big splash,” shouted my son as we passed the buckets filled with cold water.

As he swam towards me, following the direction of the waves, my son excitedly shouted with a mixture of laughter, “Dad, stand right there. I will swim towards you.” I kind of stood there for a second frozen as I watched the pure happiness on his face.

Ocean and water. Water and ocean. Two blessings from heaven giving us a reason to celebrate the simple joys in life in the most meaningful and memorable way. Glancing at the water as it poured down from this large cylindrical container making a huge splash on the ground, I told my wife and son, “Okay guys, time to wrap up and head for the beach.” Oh yes, our fun didn’t end at Palm Beach. The rest of our adventure continued at Galveston’s Seawall from noon to sunset and it gave us another wonderful memory to remember.

Thank you to Jake of jakesprinter and ailsapm of Where’s my backpack for this week’s photo inspiration. Thank you to all who had been part of my weekly photo challenge. This post is for you. May it bring you the Ocean’s water magic. All you need to do is open your heart and let it flow freely. Let it soothe every ache, longing and pain. Let it heal every wound of the past and bring you happiness in the present.

Tomorrow, I have a surprise for everyone. It’s been one of my blogging dreams and I finally decided to have a go for it. I hope you will all be there to be a part of it. It’s something for you and me, and for all that share a common connection with life. Have a blessed day to all.

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49 Responses to Ocean Water

  1. IT–Just arrived on the Atlantic Ocean today–and yes, I felt my heart start to unwind a bit. Too cold for a swim yet, but soon… soon.


  2. magsx2 says:

    Beautiful photos, and what a lovely place, the water park look like a lot of fun. 🙂


    • Thanks. The waterpark park is fun plus it has a beautiful view of the bay. We’d been going there since last Summer of 2011. It’s our little escape from the pressures of life and yes, it reminds me of the home that I used to know.


  3. Angeline M says:

    Great post…..and I can’t wait for your surprise tomorrow!


  4. cocomino says:

    The water is really clean and yes, the ocean brings us dream. Have a wonderful day. 🙂


  5. Lisa at fLVE says:

    What a beautiful post. This one really brought back some happy summer memory… Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  6. Wonderful post. Makes me want to plan a trip to Texas!


  7. Gail says:

    It is very obvious and plain to see from all your posts that the ocean has been a very big part of your life– growing up AND in the present. Though I don’t get to the ocean and beach much, I do have happy memories of my first visit to Florida and my father carrying me out in the ocean in his arms. What a great time my two sisters and I had playing in the waves with our father. I love these photos. Again, that blue green water is just breath-takingly beautiful!! Palm beach in Galveston Island looks like a ton of fun (but you wouldn’t catch me on those water slides)! 🙂


    • Thank you Gail. The Ocean is already a part of me wherever I go. We can’t really change who we are. We can adapt but we can’t erased memories that brought us tons of happiness. Florida is beautiful. One day I wish to see the Florida Keys, Destin and more. As for the slides, I read your last post about it. That was scary, I wouldn’t ride the big ones too. Take care.


  8. Madhu says:

    Wonderful pictures! Look forward to tomorrow 🙂


  9. likeitiz says:

    Ahhhh! Great photos, IT!


  10. Love the coconut tree shot – I feel I could just sit underneath all day and let the day slowly melt away.


  11. Northern Narratives says:

    Thank you for the great photos of beautiful water and summer fun 🙂


  12. Sony Fugaban says:

    The water element is really full of MAGIC.


  13. Sony Fugaban says:


    Thank you so much for the friendship, bro! It’s one of the best things that I got from blogging.

    Regards to your son and wife.


  14. Gilly Gee says:

    Wonderful fun!


  15. shoes says:

    “Dad, stand right there. I will swim towards you.” I kind of stood there for a second frozen as I watched the pure happiness on his face. – frozen by the happiness upon your child’s face, I love this. The ocean is life and love.


  16. What a great idea, to merge the two challenges. And what a super job you did.
    P.S. I can’t wait til tomorrow’s post. Suspense! 😀


  17. Ah… so much fun, I too love the ocean and water. Thanks for this post!


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  19. eof737 says:

    Great photos… water and sea… always magical.


  20. Fergiemoto says:

    Lovely post about water and ocean. The calm ocean waters are soothing and peaceful.


  21. Sabina Brave says:

    Wonderful pictures IT! I wish to be there 🙂


    • Thanks Sabina. I wish one day you get to see it. It is beautiful. We all deserve to be in places where we feel happy and inspired. Even if its for a short period of time. Wouldn’t it be cool if its forever though?


  22. Judy says:

    Wonderful wonderful water! I love all these shots. They are so soothing, but fun too!
    And best of all I treasure the story about your son and his accomplishment with the water tube! When he smiled at you, ….I nearly had tears in my eyes. You have such a precious relationship with your son. It’s fun to read about your family stories. You do such a great job of writing and telling.


    • Judy says:

      oops. Thanks for the ping!


    • Thank you Judy. So generous and heart-felt of a comment. I don’t know if reaching your forties makes a guy more emotional but a lot of times, I get teary eyed a bit just seeing special moments of love and bonding with my family, or read a touching post or a emotionally intense movie. But I am grateful for having the ability to feel and relate to what others are feeling. And tears somehow brings a sense of cleansing. Like I feel light inside. It feels good to let go. Have a blessed day and best wishes to your family.


  23. Awesome:) I can smell the summer, though our weather here this past few days “rain, cloudy” off and on!
    Wish I can touch the ocean this summer.:)

    Best regards,


  24. The photograph of the brach with the palmtree is breathtaking.
    The ocean and water keep us energized. It is never far from me.
    I can see in these photo’s that it is a big part of you. You never
    disappoint in these challenges. Your description is touching.


  25. Sunshine says:

    I’m slowly catching up with you Island Traveler…and so glad to read about oceans and water today–it being 100+ outside and not even (hot) wind blowing to evaporate the sweat that pores like a river down your body. Sheesh.
    I’m calling my imagination up now so see ya…going to just chill here for a bit. Thanks for the cOOL post 🙂


  26. Paula says:

    Water is definitely your element, and you know how to capture it 🙂 Happy Sunday!


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