Everyday Life That Means So Much More

Island Traveler 2012

It is the everyday life that brings a much more meaninful and lasting value. At the end of the day, we feel good knowing that despite of the odds and difficulties we did our best and made it through. This photo was taken from one of the rural visits of my sister. She works in an agency that helps the poor start a livelihood project to hopefully improve their lives. She too will join me in the U.S. next year. During my last visit, I told her, “make sure that you make the most of everyday with your family , especially mom and dad. Go to places you wish to travel in the Philippines. Create the most wonderful memories. Once you leave you will realize that you never had to much of your family’s love and will always be longing for more nor do you have enough of memories of the beautiful places in our country.” She looked at me, smiled and said, ” I will Manoy.” Manoy is an endearing word for an elder brother.

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