Pensacola Beach Inspiration

Inspiration Is Everything And Everywhere 

Inspiration is everywhere. This is my friend’s hubby and her son, fishing at the emerald-green waters of Pensacola Beach. That day, her family and the beach inspired her. She said, “We were all happy and just having a fun time.” I felt that excitement as she narrates her trip.

What is life without inspiration? What is inspiration without a person living his/her life?

I woke up today all panicking because I lost my voice. I was not feeling well the night before but I had to finish a very busy 12 hour shift. At the end of that shift, my voice sounded like a frog or seal’s bark. I took some anti-histamines hoping it was all allergies but I didn’t realize it was far worse. I still had to report to work and it was really frustrating not being able to communicate. All my patients look at me with pity. I  sounded sicker than them. Thank heavens for the magic of steroids and antibiotics. I was able to speak a bit 2 hours after an agonizing struggle to create understandable words. You might ask, “What’s that got to do with inspiration? That even sounds sad than inspiring?” Well, that was just part of the story. That morning, as soon as my wife heard my terrible voice, she made it a point to get my medicine before the day ends. Then when I was at work, I was blessed to get the most understanding patients and their families. Then my co-workers all pitched in making sure I talk less and save my precious voice. Then a another nurse offered to work 2 extra hours so I can go home early. Then when I got home, the medicine must have start kicking since I was able to talk better. Miracles do happen and I am pretty sure God heard my prayers before I went to work that day. Where are the inspirations? It was everywhere around me. My wife, who even made me a chicken rice soup with lots of TLC (tender loving care). My son who was extra sweet and thoughtful that day. My friends and co-workers who offered help in whatever they can. The strangers I met that day. My God who healed me so many countless times. My health which I realized is worth any gold in this world.

Looking at the blue sky, the playful waves, the glistening white sand…a beautiful moment is created. A moment blessed with Nature’s many sources of inspiration.

As my way of thanking everyone who inspired me for the past 24 hours, I share this post about my friend’s inspiring adventure at the beautiful beach of Pensacola Florida. She sent me these images from her iPhone to mine so I can create a post that hopefully will inspire all of you. I created her initials at the bottom of the first photo with a number 3 that stands for her three kids who shared with her a magical, happy moment close to the sea.

The view from their room. A picture of paradise full of inspirations. This is my dream view outside my window. Who’s with me?

The Inspiring Waters Of Pensacola Beach

It was a late Summer gateway. My friend wanted to create a beautiful, unforgettable Summer vacation for her family before school begins. It turned out more than just beautiful, it was magical!

The first day they arrived it was raining but that didn’t stop them from having a great time at the beach. Everyone went out to swim and play on the sand with the rain pouring down. My friend said, “It was actually more fun and exciting!” She made me remember one of my happiest memories where I was playing “Tag Your It” with my sisters and cousins, running free, happy without a care in the world under a heavy, cold rain. We would only stop when we hear a loud thunder. I remember my mom bringing a dry towel with a look that seemed to say, “You crazy kids!” My mom would then make us a hot chocolate drink or a chicken noodle soup.

The second fish my friend’s hubby caught was a young shark, about 2 feet long. Everyone was jumping around all excited and curious. After a few photo shoot, they let go of the shark and off it swam back to the sea. They didn’t swim for a few hours thinking, “If there’s a baby shark, then there must be a mother shark  swimming close by.” In truth, sharks play a vital role with the sea’s ecosystem and we all should take part in making sure that balance is always kept. The sea is their home and we should respect all the creatures that live in it.

The kids caught a few sand crabs. They also found several shells and sand dollars. There were so much to do and discover. Time seemed to have frozen. I guess that’s what happens when we are having an absolute blast!

My friend told me, “Oh, my gosh. There were so many fishes so visible with the naked eye.” She captured this one using her Kodak PlaySport water camera. I was like a little kid all excited browsing through her underwater pictures.

I told her, “I will email you this post when I’m done so you can always go back and remember this wonderful Summer at Pensacola Beach.” She smiled and said, “Okay.”

This is one of the many views they saw that one unforgettable Summer. A Summer full of beautiful memories and inspiration.

Thank you once again for sharing your day with me. May this post inspire you to embrace and see the beautiful images around you.

Today’s Weekly Image of Life is titled Inspiration, a force that motivates us to see the beauty and goodness around us.

What inspires you everyday? 

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All images taken using an iPod touch and Kodak PlaySport water camera. My friends, have fun discovering and creating the most beautiful images everyday. They are a part of the unforgettable memories you make in this lifetime.

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90 Responses to Pensacola Beach Inspiration

  1. What a beautiful beach! And it looks like you found all of the wonderful things to appreciate about being there – fishing, shelling, and playing. Aren’t vacations inspirational?


    • It was actually my friend’s vacation with her family but I did went to Florida this Summer at Clearwater and Cocoa beach. Being at the beach brings a lot of fun and happy memories. Thanks.


  2. Colline says:

    It is truly inspiring when the people you work with inspire you to continue with your day.


  3. Talk about time in a bottle, this is so creative. Don’t you wish you could display a myriad of bottles around the house with memories captured inside? Perhaps the bottles could replace picture frames.


    • That is one great idea Georgette. And yes, that sound’s like an original Pinterest idea from you. Memories in a bottle with pictures and little notes in it. Perhaps with some sand and little shells. Thanks….


  4. adinparadise says:

    That first photo is just amazing. I love it! 🙂 I’m so glad that your throat is getting better, and that you have so much loving support around you. Your posts are always inspirational to me, because your positivity in all situations, really shines through. Wishing you a wonderful day.


  5. Great post – we all need inspiration sometime! Thanks for the list of inspiring blogs – I will check out the ones I don’t know! And thanks so much for the pingback. Another inspiring post!


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  7. fgassette says:

    Wonderful and inspiring post. Here is mine:



    • Thanks Francine. What a soulful, hear-felt, inspiring slideshow. The images, the words, the instrumental music, everything about them were moving. Truly spoken from a heart filled with light, joy and hope. I wish to wake up each new day feeling like this, “Each morning when I arise

      I am inspired by the light of a new day.

      There is fire in my soul

      Burning for God’s creations

      Found in the seasons.” Thank you and God bless you always.


  8. Inspiration is truly everywhere, manifesting in any form! Beautiful post and thanks for the pingback 🙂


  9. Amy says:

    Love the first photo. Thank you for sharing the wonderful story, IT! I’ll try to dig something for your weekly challenge.


  10. cocomino says:

    They also inspired me a lot.. what a beautiful post. Thanks.


  11. Dear Island Traveler, I so appreciated your story! These words were so eloquent, “Where are the inspirations? It was everywhere around me. My wife, who even made me a chicken rice soup. My son who was extra loving that day. My friends and co-workers who offered help in whatever they can. The strangers I met that day. My God who healed me so many countless times. My health which I realized is worth any gold in this world.” They brought tears to my eyes.


    • Thanks Naomi. I realized now that our real treasures are the ones we have all along. It’s only when we loose them that we realized how much they mean to us. We may have a million bucks but what’s that if our physically body has given up and we have to leave this Earth right?


  12. Fabulous, as always. Thanks for the mention :-).


  13. Another great post!

    I love that first photo!!

    Have a great day!!


  14. praise God that you regained your voice at once and for the people who cared for you lovingly. IT, thank you that you keep inspiring us with your kind words of encouragement.

    also, thank you for mentioning me here. i have been so inspired, i was immediately able to write my piece for your challenge this week:

    have a blessed weekend 🙂


    • Thanks for a very amazing post. Every time I see wild flowers in bloom, I always stop, stare and marvel of how beautiful they are. That despite of the harsh weather and living conditions, the came out in all their inspiring brilliance, giving a spectacular visual show. A miracle of Nature that comes from a God that is all good. Thank you and this I will keep in my heart, ” As we open our eyes at dawn, let us give God thanks for the miracle of a new day!” God bless you and your family.


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  16. hey my friend; i’m slowly coming back to life. this post triggered a few tears, which is not good for my recovery!!! i hope that you enjoy the post. z


    • Thanks Z. I am out of words. Don’s story is a rare gift of inspiration. His bright, optimistic, happy spirit never gave up when trials came his way. His love for life and family made him overcome all the odds and now lives a life that most of us dreams about. He has a loving wife and a bright son. He has family and friends that stood with him for better or worst. Every image in this post is an inspiration and every words you written shared so much. You my friend is an inspiration as well and it’s a joy to know you through you posts. Have a blessed weekend.


  17. absolutely loved the first image! the bottle effect is gorgeous.


  18. Lovely shots my friend! I got a bit sad though, seing that shark hanging like that…. but then i read you let it go so big smile! 😀


    • Thanks Ioanna. My friend’s hubby actually caught it. I still have so much to learn about fishing. And yes, it came home to the sea safely. We are the protectors of the sea and all life forms.


  19. Angelia Sims says:

    I have been to Pensacola Beach. It is as magical as the photos shared. Awesome beach! You are my inspiration this week. Thank-you for sharing these wonderful stories and memories of family time. And glad you are feeling better!


    • Thanks Angelia. I am feeling better and got my voice back. I freaked out when it happened knowing I had to work for the entire weekend. As for Florida’s beaches, always a beautiful experience.


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  21. WOW! beautiful and very inspirational! thank you. Here’s mine for this week
    and a big thankyou for the mention 🙂


    • Thank you.
      It is a breathtaking view indeed. A perfect scenery to remember the many beautiful and wonderful events in our lives. It makes us feel closer to home. I wish I have a similar view but then all I have to do is look at this photo, close my eyes and imagine that I am sitting by the balcony too, watching the blue waters, savoring the fresh coffee, dreaming, drifting to somewhere calm and happy. Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed week.


  22. Indira says:

    Wonderful and inspiring in itself post.


  23. Sartenada says:

    Your lovely post with wonderful photos inspired me. Thank You.


  24. Connie T says:

    I really like your picture in a bottle.


  25. */-)ndr¡X* says:

    Woooow!!! gorgeous imageees I love them all each of them.
    Such a nice piece of art 😀
    Thanks for shareing with us!! 🙂
    Have a great day!


  26. likeitiz says:

    Enjoyed this post!


  27. sandraconner says:

    Such a lovely post, Island Traveler. And I agree. These photos by your friend are stunning. I love the beach and sea shells, but I rarely get an opportunity to enjoy them, since I live in the middle of the U.S. and seldom get to make trips of any distance. But the few times I have had the privilege of being on beaches and finding shells remain some of my fondest memories.


    • Thanks Sandra. Yes beaches are beautiful but so is the countryside landscape of greens, lakes and many more of which your are close too. Looking through your posts reminds me of the joys and warmth of being in a place where people are welcoming, simple, who takes time to know their neighbors.


  28. Running from Hell with El says:

    Reading your writing is like a breath of fresh air. Thank you for giving me a smile first thing Saturday morning! I loved to read about your son’s sweetness. It reminds me of my daughter, who is 9, and is the mother hen of the family (clearing throat, well, aside from me, LOL). And the picture of the shark–fantastic!


  29. Glad to hear you’re feeling better! Really enjoyed reading your post. Love the pictures of Pensacola Beach. They’re beautiful. All the best! ~Sophia


    • Thanks Sophia. I feel way better now and yes, the Pensacola is beautiful. I told my wife, next Summer hopefully we get to be close with Florida’s beaches once more. She simply smiled.


  30. Ron says:

    Thanks for the lovely pictures and your experiances IT, as they show God shows up in all the unexpected places and is all around us, in nature, people, events, happenings, havent we a great God ?



    • Thanks Ron. Yes, my friend, all of these, nature, people , the very moment were a blessing from God and for that I am always grateful. And yes, blessings are meant to shared as well. That is being truly giving. Have a great week.


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  32. The Guat says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the first picture. Very creative. I loved this post so much that I’m in. I know I’ve been telling you I was going to participate and I was inspired by your inspiring post. So here it is my friend. Hope you enjoy.


    • Thank you my friend. I am excited to see you join this week. Sorry for the late response. Been sick and busy with work . Yes, still working even is sick. Can’t afford to slow down. Got my voice back 80%. I wish to share my comment on your post.
      Uluru is inspiring. The landscape , with the new days sunshine making the huge rock glow as if touched by heaven’s hands and the cold morning, causing a shiver that makes us realize who good it is to feel truly alive. Just like you I value and cherish these moments and adventure. Thank you for sharing this priceless experience.


  33. scrapydo says:

    I nominated you for the Super sweet blogging award


  34. a mighty fishy entry liked it


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  36. Indira says:

    Hi friend, thanks for your visit to my blog, your is very inspiring blog. This time my post is just for fun-


    • It is a fun one indeed. Yes, when we see things around us like a child, everything looks and feel inspiring. We become more appreciative and happiness is so easy to get with just having the most simplest of things. Have a great weekend my friend.


  37. Indira says:

    Wishing you a blessed, happy, peaceful week.


  38. Barb says:

    What a thought provoking post. I had to stop a minute and think about where I go for inspiration. Usually outside into nature, but as you point out, it comes in the form of the tiniest of blessings. A kind word from a stranger. A piece of music. The laughter of a child. All Gifts. Thanks for the nudge.


  39. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Your photos are always such beautiful captures of life. I haven’t been here a while, & caught you commented elsewhere, so dropped in. I can see you are so well, as always. Blessings 🙂


    • Thank you. It is a joy to hear from you again. Your last post on forgiveness was just timely. There are times that I still struggle when old wounds comes up or news ones were created. But yes, I’d rather have peace in my heart and to forgive is one of those steps.


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  41. lifeofaministermom says:

    Hey IT! I’m so glad you are feeling better. God is a healer!!! I LOVE this challenge even though it wasn’t so easy for me because I’m inspired by so much!! I hope you enjoy what I’ve selected, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing my blog with your wonderful readers.
    God bless you!


    • Once again, you inspired me with words of lift, love and hope.Indeed you are blessed with a wonderful family, of a life of joy and faith and it is truly beautiful to see that in images and words. Thank you for sharing your sources of inspiration. There are days, I do need to see “inspiration” in the eyes and life of others to uplift my spirit. Just like sometimes, I feel the burden on my shoulders and sometimes it does get too heavy…today I get to smile and it’s a priceless gift indeed. God bless you and your family. Thanks.


  42. Amy says:

    Hi IT, I reblogged this post She has a big heart and does amazing things. Hope you like it. If you do, maybe you will include her story. Hope your week is going well.


  43. TBM says:

    Great post. I think many of us forget that simple acts of kindness can make someone else’s day.


  44. Sunshine says:

    Thank you.
    I love how you put all of this together…it just flowed so easily and made my day complete.
    Glad you are back on track again…:)


    • Thanks Sunshine. I had been sick as well as busy with work. This is my first weekend in about 2 months that I really get to enjoy. Although my why is the one that is sick now, and pretty much we are spending our weekend at home which is great as well. We both needed to just sleep, eat, relax, recover. We still get to do some kid’s stuff for our son but only for a few hours. It feels good to have a bit of time for myself…


      • Sunshine says:

        I am happy you and your family are taking some time to slow down…I think God puts in the illness for a reason. We forget to take care of ourselves so, bam, sick in bed you go!!!! Lol!

        I see the winter months the same way…it’s freezing outside, stay home and mellow out.

        Glad you got some “me” time. 😉


  45. eof737 says:

    That first shot is awesome… Sorry to hear that you’ve been unwell… Sending you healing light and love. I’ve been caught up in classes, conferences and family demands… Peace to you! 🙂


  46. bspokeon says:

    Love what you did with the jar… awesome!


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  48. mariannegv says:

    The first photo is amazing! I really like it


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