Live, Laugh, Love With Me…

Life is too short not to go out there and celebrate life.

So, today I invite you to…

Travel and have fun with me.

this man's journeyLet’s drop everything for a moment and walk along Old Galveston’s, The Strand. It’s that time of the year again to dance on the street and catch some beads. Yep, it’s Mardi Gras Blog Party 2015!

this man's journeyIf in music it’s all about the bass, in Mardi Gras, it’s all about the beads. Thousands of bright colorful beads raining down the balcony. Look, that lady is about to throw a bead necklace with a stuffed toy.

Happily, my son said, “Look dad, I caught this.” He then handed me his prized catch, a green stuffed toy frog. On his heart was written, “I Love You.” He added, ” Can you hold it for me? I’m going back to catch more.” I replied, “Yes, I will hold it for you. Go have fun.”

IMG_9892All these catching is making me hungry. Who wants to eat with me? Turkey legs, beef wraps, corn dogs, funnel cake…you name it, I’ll get it.

Craving for desserts? How about apples dipped in caramel? A few bites and it will make anyone spin in sweet delight.

Time to dance, shake and get on with the groove as we join the Umbrella Mardi Gras Parade.

Champagne Umbrellas big enough to supply days of partying.

Lantern Umbrellas, Holiday Lights Umbrellas, Lucky Money Umbrellas, all kinds of uniquely designed umbrellas parading the streets.

Beautiful, smiling ladies holding their Mardi Gras Mask Umbrellas.

Group picture everyone. Let’s huddle together and say, “Happy Mardi Gras!”

IMG_0001Hope everyone had a great time. Now, get some rest, tomorrow we’ll watch the Sunrise by Galveston’s Seawall.

IMG_0023Wake-up, it’s almost close to Sunrise. Walk with me and we’ll watch it together. Still sleepy? Here, I made some  Yoli Passion energy drink for you. It has 110 mg of natural green tea caffeine. Still barely opening your eyes? How about hitting the gym and d0 20 minutes of cardio. Fully awake now? I bet you are.

IMG_0057Feel that ocean breeze? Isn’t it refreshingly cool and calming? Let your worries and heartaches drift away with the waves, it’s okay. I do it all the time. Here, I’ll sit next to you. You don’t have to feel so all alone anymore. Let it drift, let it go, let it soothe, let it heal.

If it’s okay with you, pray with me…for peace, for happiness, for meaning, for guidance, for hope, for dreams, for strength, for hardships and trials, for forgiveness, for faith, for family, for friendship, for gratitude, for love…

“May you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is. May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God.”
                                                                              – Ephesians 3:18-19

It’s time for breakfast. Indulge with me for some hot waffles with butter and maple syrup, eggs, cream cheese Danish bread with strawberry jam, oatmeal with fruits and a freshly brewed coffee.

Before we head home, let’s pass by the beach and…

Live life, create and savor its best moments with me.


Smile, laugh, be truly happy with me…


Before we say our goodbyes, once last thing…love with me.


“We are rich not because of what we have but who we have in our lives.”

Wishing everyone all the love in this world this Valentine’s Day and always. God bless.

It’s been a day of great blessings. Thank you for sharing your time with me and for being an amazing friend and blog companion.


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An optimist life traveler hoping to make a difference in this world.
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56 Responses to Live, Laugh, Love With Me…

  1. Dina says:

    Looks like good fun! 🙂
    Wishing you a Happy Valentine too ❤
    Dina et al

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  2. Wishing you a lovely day also. Thank you for brightening mine.

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  3. lola gayle says:

    I love love LOVE Galveston!

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  4. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Thank YOU for sharing your time and breakfast, evening, sunrise and lovely generous nature with us!

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  5. Happy Valentine’s to you & yours! Thank you for inspiring us with this warm day you so generously shared with all of us! I’ll go & make the best of my day & share it with you later : )

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  6. misswhiplash says:

    you have outdone yourself this time…not only splendid and delightful pictures but also seeing the faces of all three of you.What a wonderful family you have! May God bless you all and keep you all safe

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    • Thanks Patrecia. I finally decided in 2015 to face my fears and just come out of my shell…or is it the mask? Life is too short not to enjoy or express the things we are passionate about. Also, the generous acceptance and support of my blogger friends helped me so much to share that part of myself I long kept hidden. It’s crazy how sometimes I feel more at home, accepted, just myself and feeling appreciated in my blogging circle than with actual people around me. It feels good to relate with blogger friends who share similar passions in life. God bless you and your family always.


  7. auntyuta says:

    Thanks, dear IT, for letting us join in your travels. It was great to see how all of you had so much fun. You and your family always show us, how good it is to enjoy life. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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  8. janna hill says:

    Hmm waffles and BUTTER!! Keep living the dream!

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  9. Barb says:

    Thank you for sharing your day at the Mardi Gras with us, it looked really exciting, and also for catching that beautiful early morning sunrise. What an amazing time you had, and the great photos will keep your memories alive for years to come!

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  10. I enjoyed so much your lovely photos … it was almost like being there! I always wish you and your beautiful family such good, wonderful things in life. Gloria/aka Granny Gee 🙂

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    • Thanks Gloria. I always have in my thoughts my blogger family when I travel with my family to create unforgettable memories or whenever I do my soul searching early in the morning when the rest of the world is still sleeping or just beginning their day. God bless.

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  11. lulu says:

    Though I’m not there this year you remind me what fun Galveston is during Mardi Gras.

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    • It’s our first at the Strand. We usually watch it by the seawall, then head to the beach thereafter. The island fun in Galveston is like no other. A perfect escape away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Thanks.


  12. I traveled vicariously with you in this wonderful post! Lovely photos. My, oh my, the food looks delicious. Sending smiles to you and your family. Have a truly blessed weekend!

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  13. Thank you for the festive Mardi Gras day and night. I also enjoyed the soothing stroll along the beach. Just wonderful. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your beautiful family. 😉

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  14. lindasblogs says:

    Thank you for allowing us to join you and your beautiful family, and for the great commentary and pictures. I really wish we had a true Mardi Gras tradition here too. (We do have funnel cake though, yumm!)

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  15. nowathome says:

    Looks like you have had a great day of fun!!

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  16. jakepackham says:

    Thankyou for this post. I thought Mardi Gras had become an excuse for drunkeness and nudity, thankyou for presenting the wholesome side and the FOOD. I am looking forward to Shrove Tuesday and Pancakes.

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    • I was told of that too but we came early and went to our hotel immediately after the parade, about 9 P.M., just before people start getting drunk and do crazy things. I’m glad I listened to what I want and not what other’s perspective of it, otherwise I would have missed a perfectly fun event and yes, great memory with my family. Thanks.


  17. arlene says:

    You have expressed it so well…love in all its faces…..there is romance in your photographs.

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  18. You’ve build some strong memories for your family and you. Best to all of you.

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    • I try to make the most of my time off to create happy memories with my family. Some days, I just need several hours to do so. Other times I get lucky and it’s an overnight somewhere we all enjoy going. Thanks Sally.


  19. A really beautiful post, IT. 🙂 Loved all of your happy images. Those ladies’ Umbrellas are so pretty, the food looks delicious, and the pier is awesome, but my favourite pics are of you and your precious family. “We are rich not because of what we have but who we have in our lives.” This is so very true. 🙂

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    • Thanks. When I lost a lot of material, fleeting things and people I considered friends for years, I realized even more that I already have my treasures all along, my family and my faith. Wealth and riches that never fades.

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      • Janice Wald says:

        Hi, Linda from Laughing Through Life was my guest author, and she gave you a shout out! I hoped you might share it with your readers. Here is the link Thank you!
        Janice from Reflections blog


      • Thank you Linda for mentioning me in this post. I agree, we just need to be ourselves…to write and capture the world around us with our hearts. We need to blog with passion and to treat our blogger friends as “family,” and they are. I went through life’s many ups and downs and when I read my blogger friends comments through the years…just fills my heart with joy and gratitude knowing someone in this world have me and my family in their thoughts and prayers. This is the priceless blessing of blogging, to connect in a very personal, enriching manner. Thanks Janice for the recent comment. Truly appreciate it. Have a great weekend. God bless you and your family.


  20. Melinda C says:

    For the sake of Marti Gras, I would have eaten all the caramel apples:)

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  21. A wonderfully happy post, thanks for all of the positivity on a Monday morning 🙂 Your experience at Mardi Gras sounds like so much fun! I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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  22. Debbie M. says:

    Beautiful pictures whether is was capturing the joy of celebrating Mardi Gras, relishing the beauty of the beach or feeling secure in the embrace of family. All gifts from the heart of God to you! And of course, prayers for you and yours, that God will continue to reveal His love for you through every scene (and picture) of your lives! God bless my friend!

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    • Thank you Debbie. God’s love and blessings we see through they eyes and kindness of family and friends, through the unfolding of nature’s beauty , calmness and healing everyday, for moments that we are able to rest and just have a day of peace, joy, even bits of fun. God bless you and your family.


  23. Everyone is having such a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing.

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  24. Sherri says:

    So wonderful to see your happy, smiling faces sharing so much love as a family but also as friends to all of us here. I had such a wonderful time dancing and jumping about at the Mardi Gras, then relaxing walking along the beach at sunrise and then sharing a delicious breakfast. My heart is warmed and overflowing with joy…thank you so much my friend, and sending richest blessings to you and your family not only as a belated Valentine’s but also for every day of the year 🙂

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    • Thanks Sherri. It was a perfect day of God’s abundant blessings and I believe we need to share his generous grace and love to others. I’m glad you enjoyed enjoyed the post, in a way you all are with me and my family during our Galveston little getaway. God bless you and your family.

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  25. Thank you dear friend, what a trip and what an ending, I miss your regular Posts Island Traveler but it’s great when you do Post because I always feel your spirit of Love in your sharing. I just wish I could hug you and your family and tell you all that I Love you in Christ Jesus and than just sit down together and share one to one and face to face about all the wonderful Blessings we have, yes one day we will and for Eternity.

    Christian Love Always – Anne

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    • Thank you Anne. Each time I read your comments and your posts, I do feel your hug and that of God’s. Always a joy and comfort to hear from you. Life has been pretty busy for me lately…work, family stuff, building friendship, getting healthy and fit, helping my wife share her passion for Yoli optimal health and wellness system, non-ending responsibilities, etc., but I do feel blessed knowing God is constantly letting me know that he’s always there for me and my love ones. Very thankful each day for his generosity , love and mercy. Been waking up early lately and just spending time reading his words, praying and reflecting on life. Gives me more inner peace and calmness. God bless you and your family always.


  26. restlessjo says:

    Oh, I DID have fun with you, Mr. B! 🙂 And my but your son is growing! Peace and much love to you in this journey of ours.

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  27. Thanks Jo. Glad you had fun. Yes, he’s growing fast and I know soon he will be taller than his mom soon. God bless you and your family always.


  28. What fun!! Nothing beats a nice festival and a sunset at the beach! Glad you could enjoy it together.

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