By The Beach It’s Father’s Day Any Day

One day in a year, the world over celebrates Father’s Day. One day in a year, we make all dads feel special, appreciated, remembered. But in all reality, dads everywhere, naturally simple as they are, feels like it’s Father’s Day any day they get to do something they love with their families. They get to feel that it’s Father’s Day when they get to laugh, play, bond and create happy memories with their children. That it feels like Father’s Day when their families take a moment to express their gratitude and affection. That it’s instant Father’s Day when dads get a big hug and hear their children say, “I love you dad.”


On our way to Gaido’s for early dinner in Galveston Island, my wife said, “Can we pass by the seawall?” I wondered why but as we head close to a familiar hotel, she pointed towards the parking lot and said, “Can you park there. I need to check something. She went inside the hotel and after a few minutes came back and told us, “Guys, I have a surprise for you. I booked us overnight at Holiday Inn. Hurry, we can still swim by the pool before dinner.” Feels like Father’s Day? Yes it did!

At the restaurant, we had the most delicious oysters, grilled Mahi-Mahi, lobster soup and Pecan Pie. Feels like Father’s Day? Yes it did!


The next day, I took a walk to watch the sunrise. It felt nice. The solitude was refreshing, calming, renewing. I had a peaceful, “Me and my Father God” prayer time as I watched the waves gently rolling towards the shore. It was blissful. When my son woke up, I took him to the East part of the beach. We stacked up rocks and pebbles to create our father and son Art piece, ran and jumped along the seawall pretending we were superheroes. Feels like Father’s Day? Yes it did!

After a delicious breakfast buffet, we drove towards our favorite island spot, the Galveston Island State Park. We were so lucky. It was Beach and Bay Day. This only happens once a year. This is also the first time I’ve seen the water so calm and clear that I could see schools of fishes swimming around us as my son rode the waves on his body board. Feels like Father’s Day? Yes it did!


We did crabbing and caught lots of small fishes, shrimp, hermit crabs and jelly fish. My son joined the park’s Search and Find game determined to finish it all and win the prize.


We did turtle racing and sand castle building.


We did fishing and kayaking.


At the bay side, we did bird watching and caught more sea creatures. We also saw a lost baby duck which a lady found wandering along the road. The lady gave the baby duck to the Park Ranger. Hopefully, they found its nest and brought it home.


My son happily showed us his winning prize…a Tote Bag. Perfect for our next beach trip.


While waiting for the Sunset, we raced, jumped, hopped, rolled, attempted somersault, made silly faces, laughed, dreamed of our next beach family adventure. Just when I thought we were blessed with so much, the spectacular skyline began to unfold as the Sun slowly descends. Colors of breathtaking reds, oranges, yellows, purples and more created a nature’s masterpiece that made that day hard to forget. Feels like Father’s Day. Yes it did!

To my amazing dad, father-in-law, to all the dads out there and more importantly to our loving Father God in heaven,  Happy Father’s Day. Thank you for everything.

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!                                                                                   – 1 John 3:1

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21 Responses to By The Beach It’s Father’s Day Any Day

  1. Very nice set of images that express the love within your family.

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  2. Gail says:

    Sounds like a wonderful and perfect Father’s Day! Your son has grown so much and is quite the handsome boy!! Blessings to you and your family.

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    • Thanks Gail. Yes, is growing up fast. The last year, he got taller and bigger. He love eating and looks like it’s speeding up his growth spurt. God bless you and your family. Happy Father’s Day to your husband.

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  3. Thank you for sharing so many sweet and happy memories with us–every one of them makes me smile!

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    • Thanks Naomi. Memories and new moments with our love ones inspires us everyday. They turn ordinary days to special, extraordinary ones. Happy Father’s Day to your husband. Read your post about him and truly an inspiring, beautiful father’s day tribute.

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      • I loved the memories you shared with us in your Father’s Day post. You captured such sweet memories–every photo made me smile. I hope and I KNOW you made the day special, the way you make every day with your family special.

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  4. What a wonderful Fathers Day Island Traveler thank you so much for sharing it with us I felt your excitement and Joy.

    What wonderful memories your Son will have of his Loving and proud Dad and Mum. I have wished that I had known the Joy of having Parents that Loved me like you Love your Son but I’m comforted in knowing how much our Abba Father Loves us even before we know He does.

    I need to know dear friend, what are your favorite flowers Bluebonnets or Orchids, both are beautiful, I want to thank you for being one of my Top Commenters last year by creating another Power Point for you, would you like Love again as the theme or something else ?

    I have a problem with my Internet Provider and unless I can get help I will be disconnected by the weekend but when I’m on line again in about a month or when I can have access to a Computer that is connected I will be in touch with you, I hope I will have access for at least 2 times a week before than but I’m not sure.

    I also noticed again Island Traveler that I was no longer following you , I have once again corrected it but I hope I haven’t missed any of your resent Posts, I will check later..

    Christian Love Always – Anne

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  5. Thank you Anne. We are truly blessed to have you as our blogger friend. Few days ago, I was able to talk to my dad and greeted him Father’s Day. It felt good talking to him. His voice was very comforting and like a little child, he made me feel that things will be okay. Because of him, I try to give the happiest , fun childhood for my 9-year old and to teach him that true riches are not about having a lot of material wealth but of having lots of love and beautiful memories with our family. He used to bring us to the beach when I was about my son’s age. We were not materially rich but I felt like the richest kid in the world because of the happiness he gave us and for always giving special time and attention to us no matter how busy or how hard life was. He took us to places where he always try to create the best and most exciting adventures. He gave generously and was and still always there for us when we needed help, support, even prayers. If I can be half the dad he was, I would be very happy. He made me see how much God loves me because of him and my mom. As for orchids or bluebonnets, though I like them both, orchids for me as it reminds me of home in the islands…God bless my friend.

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  6. Debbie M. says:

    I loved your digital scrapbook as you captured the moments of “Feels like Father’s Day. Yes, it did!” My take-away was your comment about any day could feel like Father’s Day when spent in meaningful time with family. “Meaningful time” can be as simple as running on a beach wall and doing cartwheels on the sand. Thanks for the reminder that love is the most lavish gift we can give our children!

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    • Thanks Debbie. We all live in a busy world. So many demands. So many responsibilities. It feels like we are chasing after time, and when we are off from work, we are so tired that we spent a lot of it resting, recovering. Meaningful time both for our family, ourselves and our God becomes a challenge. So no matter what, no matter how brief, meaningful time is something we must try our best to achieve…whether a quick trip to the beach, playing games, sharing stories, a personal prayer and meditation, this little moments count and means a lot…really a lot many years from now. God bless and best of blessings to you and your family.

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  7. Shivani. says:

    Hello! Nominated you for the Quote challenge, so I hope you’ll check it out!

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  8. restlessjo says:

    Lovely to come upon this post, Mr. B 🙂 So glad you’re still managing to share such happy family times.

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    • Thanks Jo. Yes, things been so busy for so many months now but I always try to go back and do something I’m passionate about, blogging and getting in touch with good blogger friends. Expressing ourselves through words and images is truly therapeutic. It helps us reflect, remember, hope, dream, have our much needed “Me” time and, “Our” time. It’s a way to escape the negativity around us and refocus of what is good, true, inspiring. It’s a special community that seeks to motivate and encourage each other, sharing stories that make us realize we are never alone. Truly beautiful. A priceless blessing I will always be grateful for. Have a blessed week my friend. Wishing you life’s many exciting adventures.

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      • restlessjo says:

        That’s a wonderful way to look on our blogging world, Mr. B, and you’re so right. There is comfort and warmth here, just for stretching out a hand. It’s been a pleasure to know you. 🙂

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  9. Hope your day was as wonderful as it appeared. I’m sitting by the beach at my blog too. Just the season for it, I suppose. Happy summer, IT.

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    • Saw your post on Carolina Beach…so relaxing. My kind of vacation too. Anywhere close to the ocean or a beach, feel like Summer…and with Summer comes happiness, peace, care free relaxing days, of moments to heal and rejuvenate. Thanks Renee. Have a fun Summer’

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  10. Beautiful Father’s Day post!! I love the photo collages 🙂 Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your family. All the best ~Sophia

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    • Thanks Sophia. Yes, we did. Close to the beach always feels like Summer to us, and happiest, most relaxing days for everyone. And that to me is what any day Father’s Day or Parent’s Day or Family Day is all about. God bless.

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