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Unexpected November At Dewberry Farm

Every second of everyday is a chance to give thanks for all the blessings we received. As America celebrates Thanksgiving on the last Thursday of November, I wish to share the many gifts I am grateful for several days early. Just … Continue reading

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Dragon Ninja And The Quest For The Magical Candy Bowl

Once a year, all the bravest young warriors in all the land gather at the Bass Pro Kingdom for the quest of the magical candy bowls. Magical because the candy bowls never ran out of candies and it makes any candy … Continue reading

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Welcome To Scarecrow Island

On the last day of October, a portal opens allowing free entry between the human world and that of the Scarecrows. How this happened or where it originated nobody knew. There is one man named Mr. Crow who was able to return in … Continue reading

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How To Make A Halloween Wreath

Seasons are fleeting but infinite are the time, love and childhood memories we create, share and keep with our families. Hanging inside our entrance door is an evergreen wreath. All year round it stays pretty much the same, plain green. I like its … Continue reading

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